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Reset is an energy efficiency program that is designed to cut building energy use by more than 50% for little to no upfront cost to the building owner.  

Reset combines appropriate renewable technologies to help clients achieve their sustainability goals, zero net energy mandates, or simply to lower to their operating costs.  Our recommended approach often includes replacing the mechanical system or physical plant of a facility with Thermal Direct.

The Program is focused on energy-intensive applications that include:

 ►  Airports

 ►  Food processing

 ►  Hospitals

 ►  Hotels

 ►  Manufacturing

 ►  Military

 ►  Universities and Colleges

In short, facilities with a 24/7 operational profile that must meet efficiency mandates, cut costs, or both.



•  A lower cost of energy

•  Electricity usage reduced 65%

•  Natural gas/propane use reduced by 95%

•  Significant reduction of fresh water consumption for evaporative cooling

•  Carbon emissions lowered by 65%

•  Reduced maintenance and support costs

•  Future HVAC-related capital expenditures eliminated

The Program provides a path in which clients derive all the benefits of renewable / energy conservation technology and more, for little to no upfront cost.




The Reset Program is a sustainable infrastructure development model that leverages institutional capital to fund renewable energy projects.  Power Purchase Agreements with credit-worthy counter-parties are used to help secure long-term low-cost financing.

Projects are financed through a combination of debt, equity, and client cost sharing where required. 

We finance the project.


We assemble a consortium of industry veterans
to execute the design build.

In exchange, the client agrees
to purchase the energy from us for 20-years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how the Reset Program can help your organization reach it's sustainability goals by downloading our FAQs here.