Property Owners, Developers & End-Users

Lower Your Operating Costs. Reach Your Sustainability goals.

Thermal Direct provides continuous BTUs (not electricity) for heating, cooling, and hot water for less than what the client is paying now. 

The benefits include:

  •     Lower cost of energy

  •     Lower electricity usage

  •     Eliminate natural gas

  •     Reduce fresh water consumption for evaporative cooling

  •     Lower carbon emissions (up to 65%)

  •     Reduce maintenance and support costs

  •     Eliminate future HVAC-related capital expenditures



Utility Companies

Reduce Peak kW.  Generate New Income Streams. Meet RPS Goals.

The nation’s utility companies face a daunting array of costly challenges.  Among the most urgent, controlling the rise of peak demand.  Each year, new generating capacity must be added to meet two forms of ever increasing customer demand:  the minimum or “baseload”, and the maximum or “peak kW”.  Both endeavors are capital intensive. Satisfying just 50 additional hours of peak demand annually will require billions of dollars in capex to bring new generation and transmission facilities online (with costs passed on to end-users). Reducing peak kW is further complicated by the need to preserve kWh (utility income), meet Renewable Portfolio Standards, and comply with emissions reduction targets.

The Reset Program can help local utility companies meet the challenge of peak demand without sacrificing revenue. 

Some of the benefits:

  • Peak kW reduction
  • New income stream from a renewable energy source
  • A renewable energy solution to offer clients
  • Low startup costs --marketing, positioning, risk analysis already complete
  • Build sustainable infrastructure without incurring the capital expenditures
  • Tax advantages


Architecture and Engineering Firms

Help Your Clients Meet Their Triple-Bottom-Line Goals.

Whether the project objective is LEED certification or compliance with zero net energy mandates, we believe our renewable energy platform can add tremendous value to your client's Triple Bottom Line strategy.

The benefits of working together:

  • Offering a renewable energy solution that supports your client's business objectives
  • Thermal Direct is available in many markets for little to no upfront cost
  • Renewable energy projects move forward that might not otherwise due to high cost
  • Providing MEP design services and generating associated design fees
  • Advantages earned as a business development partner




Equipment Manufacturers

Sell More Gear.

We partner with some of the largest equipment manufacturers and control system integrators in the renewable energy space, both in the domestic U.S. as well as international markets.

The bottom-line advantage is a relationship that builds new opportunities and generates new revenue, 





Sustainability Consultants

Help Your Clients Meet Their Zero Net Energy Mandates and Sustainability Goals.

Organizations have a social political and environmental footprint.  Successful organizations recognize profit is no longer the only point.  Sustainability consultants play a vital role in shaping strategy for companies seeking a responsible impact and ethical way forward.

We believe our Reset Program and Thermal Direct platform can make a lasting contribution to that effort.

The benefits of working together?  Provide your clients with

  • A renewable energy solution that targets the largest energy sink of the facility, for little to no upfront cost
  • A systems approach that eliminates fresh water consumption for evaporative cooling
  • A path to reducing electricity use by 50 - 65%
  • A path to reducing GHG emissions by 50 - 65%
  • A path to reducing natural gas consumption by more than 90%
  • Advantages earned as a business development partner